Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap

Old Fashioned Lye Soap Catfish Bait

Redneck's Catfish Bait SoapRedneck’s Catfish Bait Soap is a homemade catfish bait that is handmade one batch at a time in Fort Worth Texas.

The bait is made from a 65 year old recipe that was designed to be used for catfish bait, and not for washing with. The first thing people usually ask me is “Is it really soap?” and the answer is yes, it really is. But it is not like a traditional soap that you would use for washing your clothes or body with, as it is much softer so it will go on a hook and not crumble, and it is packed with fish attractants to draw the fish in and get them to bite.

People have been fishing with soap for years. Many of them were homemade recipes that were made on ranches and farms throughout the south, and then later in years many began using a popular soap made by proctor and gamble or “p&g soap” but it is no longer made. There are a few other soaps that are sold commercially in grocery stores for washing clothes and bathing that people attempt to use as bait with poor results, because they do not have the right texture, and ingredients!

Soap is a very common bait throughout the south, it is just that catfishermen run in fairly tight circles, and usually stay pretty tight lipped about what they are catching their fish with, so many people don’t know or never hear of some of these baits that work so great.

Former Texas Governor Ann Richards even spoke in her book about wading in creeks as a child baiting trotlines with soap.

Rednecks Catfish Bait Soap is effective for several reasons. One is that the bait has a consistency that makes it not only stay soft and be manageable to get onto the hook, and stay on, but it also contains a variety of ingredients that attract the fish and draw em in to bite. The catfish love it! (And don’t waste your time calling or emailing me wanting to know what is in the bait, it is a family secret and we don’t share the recipe or ingredients with anyone!)

The best thing about the bait is that it smells great. It has a strong scent of Anise, known to be a proven catfish attractant. There is no “stink” to it, it really does smell good. There are a number of other scents and ingredients added to the bait as well that the fish will smell but you won’t.

The bait is also very clean and simple to use. You simply cut the catfish bait bar into pieces and stick them on a hook. It does not require a treble hook, in fact it works best with a plain old straight shank hook (kahle hooks and circle hooks are most commonly used here in Texas). There is no molding to do or forming bait balls or any of that mess, just cut a chunk and push the hook tip into the chunk of catfish bait until the hook tip is barely exposed through the top.

The bait stays on the hook very well. It does not fall off or get shaken/knocked off by fish or water current. It is an excellent bait for catfish in rivers and creeks with strong currents!


I set a 45 hook trotline at Lake Conroe. On the original set I didn’t have any cut bait I was planning to use so I used Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap. The original intent was to rebait that night with cut shad/perch, my choice wintertime bait, but the wind got up and I was unable to run the lines until the following day. I ran the lines and took off 22 channels and 2 nice blues, and rebaited with cut shad which produced 16 fish. I next baited with live perch and took off 18 fish. On this trip the Rednecks Soap out did my normal winter time bait. not to mention that most of the hooks that didn’t have fish on them we had to pull the soap off. stayed on really well …. Jackie Kennedy, Lancaster Texas

Another advantage is the cost. If you do not have time to go out and catch your own bait, it is very expensive to buy live bait. If you consider baiting 75 or 100 hooks on juglines or trotlines for the course of a weekend, you would go broke very quick buying live bait. Each bar of Rednecks Catfish Bait makes between 100 and 275 pieces of bait, and if you compare the cost of one bar of Redneck’s Catfish Bait to 8 or 9 dozen of your chosen live bite, your saving a ton of money!

Last but not least, IT IS TRASH FISH PROOF. There is nothing worse than checking your fishing jugs or trotlines and finding a line full of crappie, bass or carp, or even worse, all of your bait picked off by fish. Yes, Redneck considers everything that aint a catfish a “trash fish”. It is very rare that you will catch anything other than catfish with Redneck’s Catfish Bait.
Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap is easy to put on the hook and it stays on the hook. No longer will you fight bait falling off or easily being shaken off the hooks on your trotlines or juglines.

We’ve shipped catfish bait all over the United States, From Texas to Tennessee the bait has proven itself time and time again. Most of Redneck’s Catfish Bait customers are repeat customers, and they keep coming back for more.

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