Tips For Catfishing With Soap

Redneck’s Catfish Bait Soap Catfishing Tips

  • Store catfish bait in a cool dry place. Do not store in heat or direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  • Keep catfish bait in a sealed container, if you see excess moisture in the container or bag, open it up and let it sit exposed for a day or so at room temperature.
  • Cut the catfish bait into chunks and place on a straight shank hook like a circle hook or kahle hook, NOT a treble hook.
  • Just push the chunk of catfish bait onto the hook until the tip of the hook is barely exposed through the top
  • Do NOT mold the catfish bait soap into balls.
  • Catfish bait will keep for extended periods of time but it is soap and will eventually get more dry
  • We don’t suggest using for washing human skin, because it has not been tested
  • Catfish bait soap excels on trotlines, limb lines, and on jug lines for jug fishing but will work on rod and reel also.
  • Catfish bait soap stays on the hook so it excels for drift fishing or bank fishing because it stays on the hook so well
  • Fish where the catfish are and give the catfish bait soap time to work, it needs to start breaking down so it can put a scent trail in the water
  • Catfishing in shallow water can be excellent during many times of the year, don’t be afraid to fish for catfish very shallow

Video Showing How To Cut Redneck’s Bait

Video Showing How Well It Stays On The Hook

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